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Best High Protein Ice cream

Protein Ice Cream? What?! Like a match made in heaven. Takes a bit of effort (and some cold hands!) but the result is a soft serve high protein ice cream! Ice cream is generally pretty high in fat which is why I went for a higher fat protein and higher fat milk to give it creaminess.

Using low fat versions will create more of an icy sorbet. I imagine most whey/casein blends would work pretty well with this!!


30g Protein Powder (Casein/Blend)

180ml Almond Milk

½ Cup Salt

Nutritional Info(per serving):

Calories – 168

Protein – 30g

Carbohydrates – 3g

Fat – 3g

Fiber – 1g


  • Fill a large freezer bag with ice and add the salt.
  • Mix the protein powder and almond milk in a smaller freezer bag and make sure it is secure (unless you want salty ice cream!).
  • Put the small bag in the large bag and shake for 5-10 minutes (this is where your hands get cold!)
  • Let it sit in the ice bag for a further 5 minutes.
  • Remove, serve and be amazed!!