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Gluconeogenesis: Should you fear it if you’re low carb?

Gluconeogenic diet is one of the latest diets that has started making rounds in the fitness circuit. Human body has different pathways to make sure it gets the energy to function optimally and gluconeogenesis is one of them. Gluconeogenic simply means gluco = sugar, neo = new, genesis = creation (once the word is broken down). It is a new metabolic pathway that helps our body make energy.

Gluconeogenesis is the process by which the liver makes use of non-carbohydrate sources to regulate blood sugar in the blood. In gluconeogenic diets the fat content is kept low while the protein calculation goes as high as 4 times the body weight for advanced level athletes. The reason being in gluconeogenesis your protein acts as the main source of fuel where the excess protein gets converted to glucose.

Gluconeogenic diets are carbohydrate restricted diets that run on an alternative source of fuel which is proteins. One of the major benefits of a gluconeogenic diet is the ability to maintain optimum blood sugar levels when carbohydrate sources of energy are absent.

Final word:

Gluconeogenic diets are new and should be followed after consulting a learned dietitian or nutritionist as the diet is more complicated than it seems to be. Every person will have a different macro calculation depending upon his training intensity, eating habits, preferences etc. Also medical conditions like that of the kidney in case if any will be a major component in case of such diets as they are very high on protein.