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15 Years of Experience as a Personal Trainer and Nutrition.

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What I Offer for Good Health?

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Nutrition Coaching

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Lose Weight

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Cooking Resources

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Sports Nutrition

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Balance Body Mind

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What People Are Saying

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Philip Watson
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Emma Roberts
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Featured Articles

Being Ageless With Ayurveda

We all know that age is just a number, how you feel and live your life is more important. If you maintain a healthy lifestyle it is possible to defy this number and lead a happier life. One can achieve anything at any age. All we need is the determination to do great things irrespective of the age. There are innumerable celebrities who have proven time and again that it is possible to age without losing the charm and liveliness. Suniel Shetty is one such Bollywood actor who has been inspiring fitness enthusiasts all over the world. Suniel Shetty is an Indian film actor, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a fitness enthusiast.

Exclusive Interview With 4X Olympia - Jay Cutler

We're glad that we had the opportunity to catch up with the four-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler and ask some questions about his life and bodybuilding career. During our conversation with Mr. Cutler, he talked about his early life and how he got into bodybuilding, the support from his mentors, his biggest struggles and obstacles, how he felt when he dethroned the legendary 8x Mr. Olympia champion Ronnie Coleman, losing his title to Phil Heath and much more interesting facts.

‘ABS’olute Monstrous Sets

am a 43-year-old Natural Men’s Physique pro three-time champion. When I start preparing for competition my ab work gets monstrous. I have always been one to seek out pain and push my limits. This mindset led me to what I call ‘Monster Sets’. While supersets and giant sets are always a part of my competition workouts, I enjoy coming up with ways to make things even nastier. Monster Sets crush giant sets, chew them around a bit, and spit out the remains. They have been a staple in my competition workouts for several years now and I want to share my monster in the closet with you. Before we get into Monster Set details let’s discuss some core basics.

Natural Bodybuilding Inspiration

Divesh Mehan, more commonly known as Aish Mehan is an official Musclemania Indian athlete. Having been placed third in Musclemania 2018, he came back stronger and won the title in 2019. Aish is currently preparing for international shows and continues his efforts to expand his YouTube channel by spreading his knowledge of natural bodybuilding.

Fluffy Protein Waffles Recipe

Waffles are satisfying, versatile, and can appeal to anyone in any age group and diet. What I love most about them is that they bring people together! That’s how I got Kris Gethin to come to my house anyway. 🙂 You don’t have to be an amazing cook to be an amazing waffle maker. All you need is a waffle griddle, good intentions, and a great recipe. Here is my tried and true healthy high protein waffle recipe:

9 Tips For Boosting Testosterone Naturally

Naturally boosting testosterone is essential for gaining muscle mass, recovery, torching stubborn fat, enjoying good energy levels and getting strong in the gym. Having enough indigenous testosterone is pivotal to your progression in every measurable way, overlook-ing this fact is a huge mistake.

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