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5 Foods found in every fitness freak’s kitchen

Good nutrition is the key to good mental and physical health. Eating a balanced diet is an important part of good health for everyone. The kind and amount of food you eat affects the way you feel and how your body works.

To make good food choices it becomes important to stock your kitchen with healthy and nutritious food items, so that you won’t have the cravings for unhealthy stuff when you enter your kitchen. Here is a list of top 5 most common healthy food items that can be found in every fitness freak’s kitchen –

  1. Almonds: Almonds are one of the healthiest nut available in the market and contains a wide range of vital elements like soluble and insoluble fiber, protein, omega-3 fatty acid, omega-6 fatty acid, vitamin E, potassium, zinc, calcium, magnesium, and so on.
  1. Quinoa and other similar complex carb sources: This super healthy fiber-rich grain has a low glycemic index which means it releases sugar slowly into your system, thereby stabilizing your blood sugar and in turn balancing your hormones.
  1. Broccoli and other greens: Fiber-rich vegetables like broccoli, help your body maintain a healthy balance of sex hormones, particularly estrogen. An essential hormone for women, estrogen promotes a healthy reproductive system and the development of reproductive organs.
  1. Peanut Butter: This delicious and economical nut butter is extremely rich in omega 6 fatty acids, protein and fiber, which makes it a superfood and a must have for all the fitness enthusiasts.
  1. Olive oil: And how can we not include olive oil in this list. People who regularly eat extra-virgin olive oil in place of saturated fats have a lower risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke – and lower cholesterol. That’s why it wins our healthiest oil battle.