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3 Reasons why your Legs are still Skinny

Are you one of those guys who spends weeks and months consistently training your legs with all the different workout routines suggested by various Fitness Gurus, yet you can’t see any gain in size? Don’t worry, you are not alone in this quest get muscular legs. Legs are the biggest muscle group in the human body, so making them grow will need double the effort.

Let us discuss the top 3 mistakes that is quite common and adversely affects your leg growth –

  1. You are not mixing things up:

One of the most common reason for a stalled growth is following the same training splits for months. And this is for all the muscle groups in the human body. Changes in exercise, volume, load and reps is important so that your body doesn’t get used to a particular training program. You can also add variations such as super sets, giant sets, drop sets etc. to surprise your body and force it to grow.

  1. No Compound lifts:

Compound movements provide the greatest muscle building stimulus, such as the deadlift and the squat. Compound movements help you lift more weight and as we already know, more weight equals more muscle growth. So be sure to include Squats and deadlifts in your workout plan. You can experiment with all the different variations of Squats and deadlifts for optimal growth. 

  1. You are not in Caloric surplus:

Calories are the main building blocks of your body and without them growth of new tissues cannot happen. People these days are so obsessed about losing fat that they often go for crash diets like Keto, IF etc. which lead to not meeting their daily macro and micro nutrient requirements. Being in caloric surplus, you can’t expect your legs to grow! Make sure that you are consuming at least 200 calories more than your TDEE (Total daily Energy Expenditure) with good amount of protein to supplement muscle growth.