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How Music Helps You Get the Most from Exercise?

We all know how gyms these days thump music and a lot of emphasis is given to the kind of audio systems that are placed in the gym. Some gyms go as far as hiring a DJ in the gym. This apart being a fancy utility is also a great help to your workouts.

Here’s how this magic performance enhancer helps while you sweat it out in the gym or on the field training:

1. The dissociation effect: This effect refers to the mind being diverted from the feeling of fatigue that arises during workouts. Research has shown that the mind has been diverted from the feeling of fatigue during endurance workouts while you listening to music. Thereby adding those extra reps, laps to your training.

2. The motivation derived within: Music has the ability to create an altered state within a person’s mind which also many coaches and gurus call as being in the zone. Some athletes even talk about using music to aid their internal mind imagine things that they want to happen, which in turn gives a feeling of motivation and achievement.

3. Music and Workout harmony: A lot of workouts are now based on the musical pattern where people sync their moves to the tone of the music. If you observe closely the moment you increase the tempo of the song people automatically increase their tempo to adjust to that of the music. Research also supports this sync aspect as a very important part of performance.

4. The Positivity: A lot of studies have addressed the link between positive feelings and music. Music helps you trigger positive emotions and thereby making the activity more desirable. This aspect is even amplified when that particular music reminds you of an aspect of your life. One such example is the movie Rocky starring Sylvester Stallone.

So for all those who want to experience the power of this magic drug, create that perfect set list for yourself depending upon your training and music taste and blast them on your headphones while you train. We suggest choosing a music that will match the rhythm along with the exercise as this will help performing the activity in better sync and tends to push you harder in the activity.

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