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Should you use supersets to build muscle faster?

A superset is when you perform two exercises in a row without resting in between.

After performing a superset, you take a normal rest as you would between regular sets before doing the next superset.

Supersets can be hard when you first start using them because it requires a higher level of muscle endurance to complete two sets without rest in between them. But your endurance will increase after implementing them for a while.

There are a lot of great reasons to use supersets in your routine:


 To increase muscle endurance. You force your body to adapt to working your muscles intensely over a longer period.

 Supersets can decrease the amount of time required to perform a workout while getting the same volume load in.

Thus, helping you save time in the gym.

 It’s a very useful technique, especially for Intermediate and advanced bodybuilders. They use supersets to push their muscles harder than they could be doing just straight sets.

 By increasing the amount of work in a workout, you’re burning more calories, along with building more muscle. The more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism is, burning more fat at rest.


Supersets can be a useful tool to save you time during your workouts, and there are multiple ways to perform them. Pairing two exercises for the same body part is one popular method.

Another popular superset method is to pair complementary or opposing muscle groups.

Supersets are a simple and effective weight-training technique, so include them in your next training session and be prepared for an insane pump!