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What would happen if you stopped sleeping?

Ah! Sleep you can never have enough of it, it seems. In fact, sometimes it literally feels like you aren’t getting enough. Strangely, science understands relatively little about why we sleep, or how it evolves in the first place.

But, we have discovered a few correlations, for example:
Adults who sleep between 6-8 hours at night tend to live longer. Excess of sleep, however, can lead to medical problems, including cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
Similarly, chronic sleep deprivation has been linked to aspects of cardiovascular disease, obesity, depression, and even brain damage.
But, what if you stop sleeping right now?

Well, after your first sleepless night, your mesolimbic system becomes stimulated and dopamine runs rampant. And this may actually trigger some extra energy, motivation, positivity, and even sex drive.
Sounds appealing, but it’s a slippery slope.

Your brain slowly begins to shut off the regions responsible for planning and evaluating decisions.
Leading to more impulsive behavior.
Once exhaustion sets in, you’ll find yourself with slower reaction time and reduced perceptual and cognitive functions.
Care about how you look?
Studies have shown a direct correlation between sleep deprivation and a person’s perceived beauty.

That’s it, just say: sleep-deprived individuals appear less healthy
Over time, the lack of sleep becomes worse and the body’s organs begin to shut down.
So, well, lack of sleep won’t necessarily kill you quickly,
Sleep tight!
…but not too much!