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Why is proper breathing important during a workout?

Breathing is a natural process that supplies your body with the oxygen which it needs in order to function properly.

We already know that there are two major types of muscle movements. For those of you who are not aware please read our article “Eccentric vs Concentric Training” published last week.

During workouts, it is essential to provide your muscles with a constant supply of oxygen so that they can perform to their maximum capacity.

The best way to replenish your muscles with oxygen is to inhale during the eccentric part of the movements and exhale during the concentric, or contraction, of the muscles. In layman terms, breathe out while actually lifting the resistance and breathe in while lowering the resistance.

Benefits of Correct Breathing:

  • Correct breathing technique provides sufficient oxygen to your muscles thus helping you make the most your workout by performing to the maximum capacity.
  • It helps to avoid problems with blood pressure rising too high during exercise.
  • It also helps to reduce recovery time between sets.

Final word:

The most important thing here is to remember to breathe and not hold your breath. Breath-holding during exercise increases blood pressure rapidly and this can lead to fainting, painful headaches, or even stroke. Never forget to breathe while you crush heavy weights at the gym.

So go hit the gym and implement correct breathing technique to lift more weight and see amazing results!