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Bicep Mass builder – Add 2 inches to your Arms in 4 weeks!

Biceps are the most sought after muscle when it comes to aesthetics and masculinity. Follow this plan religiously for 4 weeks and you are bound to add inches to your guns!

The Split:

Muscle group Exercise Set Reps Rest interval
Biceps Standing EZ Bar Bicep Curl 3 6 to 8 90 secs
Dumbbell Hammer Curl 3 6 to 8 90 secs
Single arm preacher Curl 3 6 to 8 90 secs
Dumbbell concentration Curl 3 6 to 8 90 secs
Standing Bicep Cable Curl 3 6 to 8 90 secs


In this workout split we will be focusing on activating the fast twitch muscle fibers of your bicep. We will be lifting heavy weights with lower repetitions thereby engaging the fast twitch muscle fibers effectively. Ensure that the weights are heavy enough and should challenge you without compromising your form. The rest times are comparatively higher with 90 secs rest in between the sets as we are lifting heavy. We have 3 sets for each exercise and will be following the progressive overloading method, where in you’ll go on increasing your weight along with your sets i.e. your third and final set of each exercise will be your heaviest set. This is one of the best mass building workout routines.

Final Word:

One thing I would like to make very clear is that only following a good workout plan will never give you massive and defined arms, your nutrition has to be on point as well. There is a saying by  Bonnie Pfiester — ‘Doing crunches and continuing to eat poorly is like, detailing your car and continuing to drive in the mud.’ Workouts will only break your muscle, to build and repair you need a good diet plan rich in protein.