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On the Go – Omelette’s Recipe

With a constant focus on getting in enough protein, to help build that peak physique, it can become boring spending hours in the kitchen.  Here is a recipe that not only minimises how much time you have to spend cooking, but it’s also highly adjustable in terms of fat content. This allows you to choose to either increase or decrease the number of yolks (the fattiest part of an egg, but also full of goodness) to suit your needs.

Every egg has 2 parts, 1 part white (high protein and low in fat) and 1 part yolk (low in protein and high in fat).  I always recommend including the yolk and only setting aside if you are following a flexible diet and intend to source your fats in another meal, where they are more important.

If you would like these for post workout, opt for lower fat (less yolks)for faster digestion and in the evening choose higher fat (include more of the yolks) as this aids slower digestion, through the night.

Put simply you can, if you choose, have 1/1 white and yolk or you could go as far as 4/1 which will give you more protein but with less fat, but be warned the less yolk you include, the less flavour and texture you will get.

Moving on to the recipe, it takes less than 20 minutes, from start to finish.  Omelettes are always recommended in the fitness world, but sometimes we haven’t got time to make one i.e. before an early start. These mini omelettes are simply made in a very lightly greased fairy cake tin and can be made in large batches and stored in the fridge for you to grab a handful and take them to work or have them on hand as a snack.

You can add tons of different herbs and spices, to design them to your taste.  This ensures they do not get boring, but don’t overdo it as too many flavours will spoil them.






3 Whole Eggs + 3 Egg Whites (adjust to suit)
100ml skimmed milk
Onions and garlic cooked off in 1tsp of coconut oil
Chopped herbs and additional spices
Salt and pepper to taste
Then add further vegetables like finely diced peppers or tomatoes


Break eggs into a jug and add the milk.  Whisk until combined and then add all remainder ingredients.

Lightly grease a cupcake or muffin tin and place in the oven to heat.  This will help to cook the omelettes quickly and from both sides, this avoids the top browning and becoming overcooked.
Ensure that the mixture is divided evenly, using a spoon to ensure the heavy ingredients at the bottom are spread between each section.

Cook for 10-15 min in the centre of an oven at 180c.

Remove from the oven and allow to cool before placing them into a Tupperware box and storing in the fridge. They will keep for 3-4 days.


Lucy Doyle is a successful Nutritional Coach and Speaker. After her own 30kg weight loss transformation she set up Lean with Lucy & Co, to help other women avoid industry fads and gimmick diets.

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