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Why weight loss is the wrong term?

While the fitness industry has changed tremendously over the last decade there are some things that still remain in practice from the time. One such thing is the word weight management and weight loss. Weight loss is a very misused term in the fitness industry. Unless you are trying to compete in a certain weight group and reducing your weight to match that criteria or applying for a job that requires you to stay in a certain weight range. Weight loss holds no significance if you look at the latest science being followed.
The ideal word is fat loss. Fat loss stands for reducing the amount of fat stores in your body and staying in the required range to maintain an ideal body composition.

If you look at your fitness goals with a weight perspective you do not consider the amount of lean body mass or muscle your body has but simply the weighing scale which shows a reduced weight. An ideal body needs to have a larger amounts of lean body mass while lower amounts of body fat. This is the exact case when we talk of FAT loss wherein we consider the percentage of fat in the body and not consider weight as a parameter of achieving our fitness goals. Weight loss might be a result of loss lean body muscle as well coupled with some water loss and body fat. While Fat loss is a result of major amounts of body fat loss while at the same time building lean body mass which gives your body the ideal look.

Weight loss is also comparatively easy to achieve and hence most companies market that term heavily while fat loss is a more intense approach but the right one when it comes to your health. A person with the same height and weight might look completely different owing to the amount of body fat and muscle mass in their body. Therefore setting fitness goals basis the weight is a wrong approach to getting fit, instead focus on fat loss and achieve an ideal body composition.

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