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Incorporate the close grip bench press to build a better bench and triceps Strength

Close grip bench press is a great way to build your triceps at the same time also incorporating a compound movement into your workout routine. One of the biggest benefit that this exercise provides is the tricep activation that it leads to. The compound movement offers a bigger weight capability while the range of motion provides for a perfect activation of the tricep muscle. It also gives you the benefit of improving lockout strength in order to bench heavy. The bench press is a movement that requires the involvement of elbow extensors group which comprises of the triceps muscle as well. As a result, many powerlifters and others who want to bench huge amounts of weight use the close grip to improve their tricep strength and as a consequence, their lockout.

The bench press in itself is a compound movement that requires the involvement of the shoulders, the extensors group and the pectoral muscle of course. So strength in all three muscle groups is important for a successful bench press to be performed. Another convenience benefit that the exercise enjoys is the ease of setup. Close grip bench press is extremely easy to set up and has a minimal range of motion difficulties. The only thing to be noted while performing the exercise is the width of the hand on the bar. The width of the hands on the bar makes the entire exercise what it is.
So next time you are wondering as to why your bench strength is not going up, maybe a weaker tricep is the answer. Incorporate close grip bench press and see some immense strength gains both on your tricep and bench presses.

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