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Why breakfast is an important meal of the day

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Most people end up skipping their breakfast for various reasons be it late to work or college, no hunger during morning hours etc. But the ideal route is to have a healthy wholesome breakfast in the morning that comprises of all the macros is various quantities as per your needs. A mix of good fats, proteins and complex carbs early during the day can be of great help for running through the day. One of the major reasons for ensuring a good breakfast is because it kick starts your metabolism. Plus the good calories derived from a good breakfast help you focus better. Usually once you wake up the blood sugar levels are low, a good breakfast helps body restore the blood sugar levels to its optimum best provided you are having a healthy breakfast comprising of all the macros in right quantities. Having a breakfast filled with proteins, good carbs and good fast will keep your appetite in check as the satiety levels will be higher as compared to people who focus on eating simple carbs simply. According to a study conducted a group of people who had breakfast were much calmer and composed as compared to the group that arrived without breakfast. Breakfast also helps you add on to your count of frequent meals in case of people who are looking to put on lean muscle mass or simply lose fat. breakfast has already been found to improve energy and short-term memory. Research has discovered that eating breakfast also boosts concentration. In a 2008 issue of Indian Pediatrics, it was found that “middle-school students who ate breakfast every day had better attention, concentration, memory, and school achievement than those who consumed breakfast only sometimes or never did.

So in case if you are looking reasons to start having breakfast, here they are. Make sure you kickstart your metabolism with breakfast and ensure that you have a nutritious one rather than having one with pure simple carbs like cereals. Maybe a good mix of first class protein along with some low glycemic carbs and good fats will help you keep your energy levels optimum.

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