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Understanding Passive Stretching

Passive stretches as the name implies are stretches that are conducted with the help of a mechanical device, a partner or the assistance of gravity. During this stretch the muscles around the joint go through a passive stretch and remain in a inactive position. In passive stretching you also take a certain position and then hold onto it for a certain period of time using the either a partner or a machine. Slow, relaxed stretching is useful in relieving spasms in muscles that are healing after an injury. This has to be also confirmed with the doctor if stretching the injured muscles is the ideal way to add to the healing process. One of the major drawback while performing the passive stretch is the external force being stronger than the flexibility of your muscles. Which might result in an injury. For the assisting partner to precisely know your stretching capacities will be very difficult unless you have that understanding. Passive stretching is also very good for relaxing the muscles or cooling them down after a good workout which helps reduce soreness and muscle fatigue.

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