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Understanding sports hernia.

Understanding sports hernia

Sports Hernia is by far one of the most common problems affecting an athlete. A sports hernia is a tear to the oblique muscles where unlike the traditional hernia it does not create a hole in the abdominal wall. Sports hernia is also a very misunderstood condition by most athletes as it is mistaken for the common hernia. Sports hernia is also called ‘Athlete Pubalgia’. The Sports hernia may eventually lead to a traditional hernia, it is a different form of injury by itself.

Sports hernia often occur at the attachment of the abdominals and adductors to the pubic bone. Sports hernia may sometimes be difficult to diagnose as it may be confused with sore muscles as well while the pain will continue.

One of the main reason for sports hernia is the intense training activities involving twisting and turning. During workout, lifting extremely heavy dumbbells with unwanted pressure on the abdominals can also be a reason for a sports hernia condition. Improper breathing while working out is also a factor in sports hernia.

The treatment for sports hernia can be surgical and non-surgical as well depending upon the severity of the problem. A treatment may require certain physical tests along with imaging to determine if you have a sports hernia so that the treatment can be determined if there is a need for a surgical treatment or not. Non-surgical treatment may involve rest, physical therapy along with anti-inflammatory medications. While the surgical treatment will be followed by a rehabilitation program after which athletes try and return to their sporting activities. In some cases the hernia occurs again where they have to opt for a repeat surgery.
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