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Stress, a danger to your muscles too!

Stress, a danger to your muscles too!

Stress has been linked to many illnesses over the years. Stress has also become one of the major reasons of concern in the past few years. The growing pressure in the working culture is one of the major reasons to increased stress.

Stress has given rise to diabetes type 2, hypertension etc which are affecting the lives of people in many ways. Stress is also seen to have a impact on the muscle building abilities of an individual. Often people don’t realize that they are barely working out or even half present in the gym. For serious lifters stress can get bad especially when it messes with their gains. Here are is stress affects your muscle building goals:

1. Compromised concentration: When stress takes over your mind is preoccupied with thoughts that are causing the stress and hence it gives very little scope for focus in the external environment which is the weight room. Also when we talk about exercising we talk a lot about mind muscle connection which absolutely goes out of track in such a case.

2. Disabled Motor condition: Stress has been scientifically shown to impair motor control and coordination because it interferes with information processing in your cerebellum, the area of your brain responsible for these functions.

3. Eating: A lot of people end up over eating when they are stressed which absolutely throws their dieting targets out of the window. Similarly quiet a number also end up barely eating anything when they are stressed as the normal juices that are released when you get hungry to get released. Both the situations cause a complete drift from the diet routine and the muscle building plan goes off track.

4. Cortisol: Cortisol is the hormone released during stress. Cortisol is a catabolic hormone which is completely opposite to testosterone. It reduces the protein synthesis and prevents growth of muscle tissues.

5. Lack of sleep: Stress also leads to lack of sleep in a lot of people which in turn also affects the resting period required for muscle growth and therefore very less effective recovery for the muscles which is a major part of the fitness tripod.
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