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Understanding EPOC (Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption)

EPOC, a term we hear a lot these days. EPOC, Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption. EPOC is the measurable amount of oxygen consumed post-workout that it takes to bring your body back to its normal resting state,” EPOC is most likely to benefit our body in cases of high intensity exercises. The higher the intensity the higher the after effect of the body to normalize the oxygen levels in the body. Although longer exercise sessions have been show to elicit a greater EPOC response compared to shorter sessions, exercise intensity is suggested to be the main contributor to EPOC response. Originally referred to as an oxygen debt, this post-exercise state was first examined by A.V. Hill and H. Luptonin 1922.

EPOC allows your body to burn calories even after you are done with your workouts. Well as per conventional wisdom high rep sets were recommended with light to medium weights in order to burn of those calories. But if we go by the EPOC principle it would not be wrong to assume that even people who want to achieve fat loss can opt for a high intensity training pattern coupled with a good low carb nutrition plan to achieve better results.

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