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Stick to Your New Year fitness Goals

With the New Year coming in most of us will have our fitness goals or health goals set up already or are in the process of setting them up. People usually set goals and then fail to keep up with them. Most of the time it is simply about going through that change way too fast. While it is great to be excited and pumped to start something new, it is also necessary to understand that the faster you try and change something the faster you will get out of it.

Keep a slow and steady approach. While we have always heard that the slow and steady wins the race, put it to use this time. Make changes slowly and start adapting to the new lifestyle step by step. If you are making a diet change for muscle gain, start with 3 meals first. 3 meals is a standard number of meals that an average person has. Start with 3 meals that are customized as per your plan. Give yourself some cheat days in between. Follow it for 2-3 months and then add an extra meal to it.

The key is also to make sure you are aware of your limitations while you plan on a new workout plan or diet plan. Just because someone else is doing it does not mean you will like it too. Opt for a fitness activity that you will be able to perform on a regular basis while taking into consideration your other priorities as well. Work, family, food habits etc play a vital role in deciding what you dedicate your time to.

So the key to sticking to any plan is a slow and steady approach and a conscious know how about your surroundings along with existing lifestyle in order to ensure that you plan a practical enough plan for yourself. Make sure you also understand your body goals and consult a good nutritionist along with a fitness expert to help you get started with your fitness routine.

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