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Improve grip strength with strength training

We all have ended up doing countless amount of forearm curls in order to make them grow. In fact one of the best ways to make them grow is not the forearm curls but lifting heavy is the key. Your forearms are functionally built to be able to grip and pull/push objects. This functionality when replicated in the gym will let you see results with heavier poundage being lifted, the grip strength will begin to improve.

One of the most efficient way to improve on your grip strength is to ensure you do not use grip aids which will infact stop the growth of your forearms. Rather than challenging your grip to become stronger, using those tools actually encourages your body to rely on help and may actually make your forearms weaker. Rather start lifting with lighter weights to begin with and then move on to heavier weights as your improve on your strength. one of the core benefits of any exercise should also be to develop functional strength that has a carry over effect in the real world too. Another important aspect of grip strength is the training with help of pushing and pulling movements. Every time you train by pushing or pulling an object is an opportunity to train the forearms. So strength training more often is the key to keep improving your grip strength. Grip builders are another great way to improve on the grip strength. Fat grips, sumo grips are a great way to add more progression to the already existing load from the weights on the forearms. One of the most neglected area of grip strength training is the simple activity of squeezing the bar. Actively squeezing the bar with your hands during a set leads to greater grip activation and therefore more gains in grip strength.

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