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Rest days, and why are they important.

Rest days, and why are they important

Many of us look at the gym like our sole reason to survive, find rest days the most unproductive days of our lives. People are restless and have the constant urge to lift weights which ensures that the body does not get any day off completely.

Rest days are in fact a great tool for recovery, time for the body to get re energized to hit the gym with more energy. The motivational part of bodybuilding also ridicules rest days as an excuse and people tend to get carried away with all that is said. The fact is rest days are as important as your training and cheat meal days.

1. Injury prevention: It’s common knowledge that anything overused leads to problems. Same is the case with our joints and muscles, when you make them overwork without giving a break. When a person trains be it any form of training like running, weight training a break acts as a necessary fuel to help recover. Overworked muscles are highly prone to injuries as they are not well rested and constantly under tension.

2. Performance dip: This is one of the most common myth that people think about rest days. De-training or so-called a dip in performance happen when you are not training a particular body part for more than 10 days. As an experiment train the Push and pull routine followed by a leg day and take a day’s rest in between each day, you are most likely to see better and a more energized performance in the weight room.

3. Sleep pattern: According to research over-training or lack of rest days affects your sleeping patterns as you are constantly restless and find it difficult to put yourself to a good nights sleep.

4. Mental drive: A lot of people have recorded to have a greater drive to workout after a rest day or a 2 day break. This is more psychological than physiological as our human brain tends to get bored and tired with a monotonous routine. Taking a day off can lead to great urge to hit the gym and also a better mindset with full of happy energy.
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