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Cycling as a fitness activity

Cycling has long been considered as a great activity to keep your lifestyle active while enjoying the activity in itself. While some enjoy the weight training lifestyle, some do not and have to still stick to a activity that gets them fit. Cycling is a great activity if you want to stay fit along coupled with a good nutrition plan that manages macros and micros really well.
Cycling is a great form of cardio exercise that will help improve your cardiovascular endurance.

One of the biggest health problem facing the world today is Diabetes. The rate of type 2 diabetes is increasing and is a serious public health concern. Lack of physical activity is thought to be a major reason why people develop this condition. Large-scale research in Finland found that people who cycled for more than 30 minutes per day had a 40 per cent lower risk of developing diabetes.

Cycling is also a great activity to help socialise with like minded people. Cycling helps you meet different people as you become a part of various cycling groups. Cycling can also be a great stress buster activity. most people end up working long hours and spend most of time in closed offices. Cycling can be a great way to get out in the open and de-stress.
Mental health conditions such as depression, stress and anxiety can be reduced by regular bike riding. This is due to the effects of the exercise itself and because of the enjoyment that riding a bike can bring.

Infact one research on cycling says that it even makes you live longer. According to one study of Tour de France riders from the past, cycling actually increased their longevity. On average, the former pros lived to 81.5 years compared to the general population’s 73.5 years: a 17-percent increase!

So as you prepare to enter 2018, make sure you get your fitness plans in place and make sure to include cycling if there is no other activity that you are performing.

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