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Understanding Overtraining

Overtraining is a word most associated with the younger guys who train a lot not letting their body recover. Overtraining is the result of giving your body more work or stress than it can handle. Overtraining occurs when a person experiences stress and physical trauma from exercising faster than their body can repair the damage. A lot of times people get hooked on a particular activity and perform it way too much putting undue stress on the body and not letting it recover. The inability of the body to recover puts it in an overtraining zone. Overtraining can also be reason due to various other factors. Improper sleep, not enough nutrition for the body to recover, stress which puts your body’s recovery mechanism in a bad state, an irregular frequency of training. Although there are no concrete symptoms of overtraining, some of the symptoms include: Muscle/joint tenderness, Tiredness, Tightness, Decreased performance, Increased rate of overuse injuries, Insomnia/disturbed sleep patterns, training fatigue/lethargy, decreased strength etc.

Overtraining also depends on the intensity of your training. If you are training at a very high intensity than it is only advisable that you let that body part recover for at least a week before you train it again while a new entrant in the gym can still manage to perform circuit training and train twice in a week simply because his intensity is too low to give it a week to recover.

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