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Incorporate swimming in your training program to achieve better results.

Incorporate swimming in your training program to achieve better results

Swimming is a great activity to help stay lean and keep your body in shape. One of the benefits of swimming is that it works on your muscles as well. The amount of calories burnt in swimming are more than those burnt in jogging. So one can inculcate a day of swimming a week in his training regimen or if he or she cannot make time for workout due to work commitments then a 30 minute swim can do a whole lot of good to them.

While weight management is one of the benefits of swimming it is not the only one. Here are few other benefits that swimming provides:

1. Reduced stress level: According to survey taken by speedo a majority of the swimmers agreed to having reduced levels of stress and tension after swimming. They also spoke about being in water increases the feel good factor.

2. Low impact exercise: Swimming is said to be a low impact exercise as the buoyancy of water reduces the weight of your body when in water. With less impact on your muscles and joints swimming reduces the risk of injury compared to other forms of exercise.

3. Sweat less: You don’t sweat while swimming as water helps you cool down from the activity. So in case you want to head to work straight after a morning swim is absolutely possible.

4. Avoid health problems: Swimming is a great form of cardio activity is a known fact but swimming also helps reduce blood pressure, control blood sugar levels is something that is a positive for the activity. These are the diseases that have become very common in today’s world.

5. Child obesity: Child obesity is one of the major problems we face today. Swimming can be a great way to avoid child obesity as children will have a much better lifestyle growing up and will grow up to be active adults in most cases.

6. Less gear: Swimming requires minimal gear to perform the activity. A swimsuit and a Google is all you need to kickstart this activity.
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