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Planks, a great way to build a stronger core.

Planks, a great way to build a stronger core

One of the most simple yet effective exercise for your core is the plank. Plank can be done anywhere provided you have a space fit enough to occupy a person lying down straight. It is a great challenging exercise to your core with progressive build up as added weights.

Planks are a great exercise because they challenge the entire core muscles. The transverse abdominis which increases your ability to lift heavier weights. The rectus abdominis which makes possible a lot of sports moves like jumping. The obliques muscles for effective side bending and the glutes for a strong supported back.

Hit a calorie PR everyday by improving the plank slowly each day. Planks burn a lot of calories as you perform them. The muscles that get strengthened during the exercise everyday will ensure that your body burns calories even at rest. This will lead to a higher BMR and thereby a good metabolic rate overall.

Regular planks will have a great positive impact on your posture. An improved posture will help avoid a lot of back related issues, issues with body alignment, spinal cord issues due to over bending etc. A person with a correct posture looks more confident and healthier as well with a balanced appearance.

One great benefit that most of the people who perform planks ignore is the flexibility aspect. Planks increase the flexibility of the posterior muscles like the muscles around the shoulders, around the collarbone, hamstrings etc. The stretch in their length along with the hold while performing planks will add to their improved flexibility.

Almost every exercise you perform has the ability to give you a mood boost. Planks have the ability to stretch and relax muscle groups that are otherwise become stiff and tense from prolonged sitting. The tension release that planks provide provide with these muscle is a great mood enhancer.
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