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Flat Barbell Bench Press, an exercise you should never skip.

Whenever you see someone bench pressing massive pounds you know that the person has some good strength. Flat Barbell Bench Press is one of the most effective ways to target your chest muscle optimally and to its full capacity.

Flat Barbell bench press is a support compound movement that is also a part of the powerlifting movements. Its ai great functional movement that great increases your push strength. Push strength is a great strength to have in your everyday use. A lot of people end up using the machine press instead of the branch press for reasons of less efforts to be put in on setting up the bar etc. But for anyone exercising, overall strength gain should be their motto and not simply hypertrophy.
Apart from increasing push strength and having functional benefits, flat barbell bench press is also a great exercise that involves the anterior shoulders as well as the triceps as pushing muscles which is what their functional use it. Compound movements like these set or lay the foundation for some good overall development of all the pushing muscles.
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