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Cold Pressed Oils

We have started hearing the word cold pressed very often these days. Some people ridicule it to be another food fad while some say it is greatly important to consume cold pressed foods.Almost all of our cooking oils come from oils extracted from seeds, nuts, vegetables etc. The amount of nutrients retained and how do they taste in our food depend upon the way they are extracted. The earlier methods used to extract oil was heat which also produced greater quantities but lead to the loss of major nutrients of the oil. Extracting oil through cold-pressing involves crushing the seed or nut and forcing out the oil. The presses are available in different ranges right from commercial use ones to the ones used in the homes. The grinders act like crushers when they crush seeds, nuts etc to extract oil from them. Some amount of heat is created when the crushing happens at higher pressures but the heat is not enough to damage the oil unlike in the heating process. The cold pressed oils since they are not exposed to heat, the micro nutrient content in these oils is retained letting you consume oils that will prove beneficial to health as well. Coconut oil and Olive oil is an example of cold pressed oil.
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