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Mint, adds taste as well as helps digestion your food

Mint as a herb has been used for a lot of years in various foods majorly for its ability to add a distinct flavour to food. In various Indian cultures different types of sauces made out of mint and adding a few other ingredients is made. Apart from adding flavour, mint has the ability to Adi in digestion as well. The aroma of the herb helps in activating the enzymes in the salivary glands which get released and thereby help in digestion of the food that has been consumed. Specifically Mint is also said to be helpful in increasing bile production as well as encourage bile flow. The improved bile production helps in the digestive process which helps get rid of indigestion and gas.

So next time you face digestive issues, make sure you add some mint to your food. In fact with Arabian dishes like the the Kebab, restaurants serve fresh mint dressed with some lemon and onion seasoning in order to help digest the meat mire easily.

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