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EUSTRESS, the good stress.

The moment we hear the word stress, we tend to judge or put it in the category of being bad. But not all stress are bad, some in fact put your body in a state of growth. Eustress means beneficial stress either psychological, physical (e.g. exercise), or biochemical/radio logical (hormesis). Eustress the terms was coined by endocrinologist Hans Selye, consisting of the Greek prefix eu- meaning “good”, and stress, literally meaning “good stress”.

Eustress is positive stress that helps in the improvement and wellbeing of a person. A few examples of Eustress can be Exercising, giving birth to a baby, competing in a contest etc. Eustress is a positive aspect of our lives and helps us to look forward to performing newer things. Negative stress leads to setbacks while Eustress makes you look at life with more optimism.

One of the biggest example can be the feeling of positivity after your exercise. Although exercise is putting a stress on your muscular system, the stress is making you grow while at the same time helping your psychologically as well.

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