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Hip Thrusts, a great way to develop powerful glutes

Whenever you talk about glutes development, Hip Thrusts are a perfect way to build them. Glutes are one of the most important muscle group when it comes to generating power for your movements.

Hip thrusts wok very effectively on the gluteus muscle along with the Abs, hamstring as well as quadriceps. Hip thrusts place your body into the most advantageous position in order to achieve full hip extension and to get the deepest contraction of the glutes possible. The barbell hip thrust can be performed well without the lower back becoming a hindrance in performing the movement.

Hip thrusts can be performed without weights or with weights. Without weights Hip Thrusts can be performed by lying on the ground while weighted barbell hip thrusts can be performed with resting the upper body or the neck region on the bench with the rest of the body parallel to the ground. One of the most decisive factor in while performing the hip thrusts is the placement of the feet.

If you want to add explosiveness to your movements like the squat, hip thrusts are a great way to do that.

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