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Decline press, an important exercise in your Chest and shoulder routine

We all are predominantly more inclined towards flat bench and incline presses primarily for the various reasons our trainers have always told us. The common perception is that the incline press works on the upper part of the chest while the flat bench works on the middle and lower part of the chest. Also the flat bench press is a hugely promoted movement with it being used in powerlifting, in various gym videos etc which makes the movement a hot favourite.

The decline presses is however one of the most effective way to build a bigger chest. Many bodybuilding greats also believe that the decline press is more effective than the flat bench press. One of the primary reason the decline press is an effective movement is because of the muscle involvement. Decline press targets the lower end of this muscle which is called the sternal head. The angle of the bench which is in a decline state helps target the sternal head efficiently. Also a lot of people have undeveloped lower pecs which makes this move all the more effective.

Another important muscle that gets worked in the decline press is the triceps, the declining angle is a great way to work on your triceps even if your performing close grip tricep presses. The angle effectively hits the triceps muscle and hence the decline press is a great move when you are working all your pushing movements on one single day which is a effective way to train. Anterior deltoid is another muscle that gets worked in the exercise which is a again a pushing body part.

Although the decline press is a great exercise for chest mass gains, performing the movement should be always done with a spotter. Also once you go heavy, the spotter is effective in handing over the dumbbells or the barbell to you by simply performing the lift from the bench or from the floor in case of dumbbells. This will reduce the risk of injury and also reduce unnecessary wastage of energy.
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