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Conditionally essential amino acids

Conditionally essential amino acids

We all know that amino acids are the structures that are joined together by peptide binds which become proteins. There are a total of 20 amino acids that combine together in different structures to form various proteins. The protein distribution within the body is also defined by these amino acids combining together.

A total of 20 amino acids are divided in three different categories depending upon their importance. 1. Essential Amino acids 2. Non essential Amino acids 3. Conditionally essential amino acids. The essential amino acids are the ones that the body cannot produce and hence they are essential. The ones that the body can produce are non essential and the last one which is already present in the body but is required in larger quantities under specific conditions are called “Conditionally essential Amino acids’

Arginine and Glutamine are conditionally essential amino acids which perform specific functions when the body requires it. Arginine is generally produced by human body in regulatory quantities but the requirement goes up when a person is ill or suffering from low immunity due to specific diseases. Arginine is known for it role in cell division, healing wounds and boosting immunity. Patients suffering from AIDS who have reduced immunity levels or any illness that leads to a decreased immunity.

Glutamine is one of the most abundant amino acid in the human body. It exists in large quantities in the muscles of the body. Glutamine is a great recovery supplement and is widely known consumed post workout to help body speed the recovery process. It is also known as a great fuel for your brain. Glutamine also a condition specific importance where it is shown to heal body muscles easily. In the case of wounds, burns the patients are supplemented with additional glutamine to speed up the recovery. It is also given to patients post operation for its healing benefits. People undergoing chemotherapy often face shortage of glutamine in their body and are hence supplemented with glutamine as it may be needed in case of injuries or illness.
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