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Broccoli, not just a bodybuilding superfood!

Broccoli, not just a bodybuilding superfood

Broccoli is usually associated with a diet meal or planned meals. But that perception is majorly because of bodybuilders including broccoli in their meals. But broccoli is not just a bodybuilding meal but a great super food for everyone. Broccoli gets its name origin from broccoli which is a cabbage sprout.

From cancer prevention to being an antioxidant, Broccoli is a great food to have with every meal. Here’s why Broccoli should be on every persons plate and not just bodybuilders.

1. Cancer prevention: Broccoli has been known to posses properties that reduces the levels of estrogen that cause typically cause cancer. Broccoli is specially favourable in fighting breast and uterus cancers. Broccoli therefore is an important food for women.

2. Antioxidant: Antioxidants should be consumed so that your body mechanism to fight diseases improves. Broccoli contains vitamin C, which is a great element for immunity. Apart from vitamin C broccoli also contains flavonoids which help recycle the vitamin C efficiently. It also contains carotenoids lutein, zeaxanthin, beta-carotene and other power packed antioxidants making it a good antioxidant food.

3. Detoxification: The presence of vitamin C, sulphur and other amino acids make for a great detoxification food. Broccoli is shown to fight free radicals as well as throw out waste like uric acid from the body thereby purifying the blood and keeping away diseases related to this toxic build up.

4. High fiber: Broccoli is very high on fiber and helps you meet your daily fiber requirement thus keeping your bowel system in place.

5. UV protection: Glucoraphanin, one of the phytonutrient found in broccoli has shown to reverse the side effects of the suns exposure on the skin.
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