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Clean and Jerk, a great lift for your fitness goals

These days you will see a lot of guys doing Olympic style lifts which are a bit different than your traditional bodybuilding movements. They sure have their advantage but if your goal is pure aesthetics then maybe traditional style lifting is best suited for you. But if strength gains is what you are looking along with functional efficiency then powerlifting lifts are made for you.

Clean and Jerk is one of the most widely known lift that is now being practiced a lot. Clean and jerk has a lot of benefits right from strength increase to improvement in cardio vascular health. According to one of the research conducted it was found that the resting heart rate, VO2 max all improved after after 8 weeks of practising clean and jerk.

Clean and Jerk is also a complete body workout which recruits almost all of the major body muscles or bigger muscles. This makes your body used to using a lot of muscles together at a given time. In real life or day to day life we perform tasks that are majorly involving our entire body. This is a great carry over effect to have from a exercise.

Another great advantage that clean and jerk provides is the building of anaerobic endurance and power. Since Clean and jerk requires a intense short duration workout or set with a huge bout of power used at one go the body makes use of ATP-CP energy systems which enhances the anaerobic power as well as strength.

A definite way to improve your core strength is to perform compound exercises and structural lifts are all the more effective to strengthen the core. Instead of spending hours doing crunches here is a great way to challenge your core with some really intense clean and jerk.

Since the exercise involves a larger damage area as the number of muscles involved more, the EPOC is also higher. This will result in a bigger amount of fat burn. This coupled with a great low carb diet and you have yourself the perfect recipe for a great aesthetic looking physique. (Provided other aspects of your training, rest and recovery and nutrition is upto the mark)
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