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Eccentric lifts or negative reps, an unexplored tool

Sometimes doing the unexpected gives you results. Well that’s what you’ve got to make your muscles do sometimes. Negative reps or eccentric lifts are a very powerful weapon of destruction when it comes to hypertrophy. Negative reps have their importance in the science of building muscle and can be utilized effectively if incorporated correctly in your training program.

Negative reps or eccentric reps are nothing but a greatly controlled lift while the eccentric phase of the lift is on. Let’s take a case of bench press where our major focus is on pushing the bar above our chests. In case of a negative or eccentric phase lift we have to focus more on getting the bar down as slow as possible and utilizing every bit of the effort used.

As per studies your body can bear 1.75 times more weight in the eccentric phase than in the concentric phase which lets your body lift more and in-turn results in more strength and hypertrophy as a result. The damage to the muscle is also higher in case of eccentric lifts than in concentric lifts.

A lot of research suggests that eccentric controlled lifts have a great impact on your flexibility in a positive way though. Eccentric lifts improve your flexibility which although seems unlikely but has been found via various researches.

Eccentric control also has a great carryover effect in real life too. In real life we do not just perform tasks of getting up or lifting up, we also perform tasks that require us to control movements that require us to keep things on the ground. These are nothing but eccentric movements which work with the gravity.
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