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Bent over barbell row: A great exercise to develop overall back along with body stability

Bent over barbell row: A great exercise to develop overall back along with body stability

The bent over barbell row is one of the most effective exercise for your back. It is a great compound movement that challenges your core muscles as well in order to keep the body stable in the working position. Free weights in general challenge your core muscles more than equipment based exercises as they need stabilization across your body.

The bent over barbell is a great exercise to work your entire back thereby giving it a bigger look. One of the major reasons to not skip the exercise is its ability to enable progressive strength gain coupled with activation of entire back muscles.

The bent over barbell row works majorly on the back which is the latissimus dorsi and rhomboids. While the movement of pulling the weight closer or higher towards the chest is performed by the upper back while when the weight is being pulled towards the waist works on your mid back muscles. The assisting muscles are the biceps along with the shoulders and the forearms. In case you want to breakdown your biceps more for a back bicep day, use a supine grip while performing this movement.

Also the leg, lower back and core muscle contract to provide stability to the body while performing this movement. Increased strength in this exercise improves stability, posture and also reduces the chances of lower back injury.
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