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Bodyweight training, why its a great way to stay fit

Working out sometimes becomes a impossible activity considering the amount of time we spend professionally these days. It becomes next to impossible to hit the gym everyday even if we are very passionate about weight training. In such situations body weight training comes handy. Some people would argue that body weight training would not provide the same level of resistance to the muscle as weight training will. This stands true but for a person who is not able to weight train or simply does not like to weight train, body weight training sounds just perfect.

One of the most important benefit body weight training provides is the easy of place. It can be done practically anywhere with a sufficient enough space for you to move around. Any corner of your house that allows for some space where you can perform basic tasks like the push ups, sit ups etc can be done. It can also be done in the gym where you can perform all possible tasks like pull ups, skipping etc.

Bodyweight training may not be able to provide you with the benefits of strength training but you can surely stay fit by using repetitions as the progression and further consistency coupled with nutrition can help develop some muscles too. So while you may not be a weight training person body weight training will help you put on some muscles too.

Since bodyweight training can be done at home it leaves you with no excuse but to make sure you stay fit even while training at home. Although bodyweight training can be done in the gym as well but most people who perform bodyweight exercises end up doing them at home.

A lot women especially are intimated by the machines, weights ad consider it a guy thing to lift weights. Although this is the biggest mistake but it keeps them from performing any form of exercise. Body weight training in such cases becomes a good starting point to elevate to strength training as their myths get cleared along the way.

Vacations are another great time where you can incorporate bodyweight training with ease. So no more worrying about missing your workouts during vacations.

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