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Understanding shoulder dislocates mobility drill

One of the most common injuries that happen to any working out individual is the injury of the shoulder. Shoulder injuries can happen due to various reasons right from poor form and technique to ego lifting etc. Another major reason is the mobility factor of the shoulders. Compromised shoulder mobility gives rise to a lot of issues while performing various m-movements.

The shoulder dislocates, is a great way to build your shoulder mobility and get more out of your movements by improving the range of motion as well. Shoulder dislocates is a simple mobility drill intended to improve mobility in your shoulders. It is a part of the rehab given by doctors to shoulder injury patients as well.

The shoulder dislocate can be performed with the help of a simple stick which has to be moved in a circular motion from the frontal side to the posterior side of the body from above the head. The arms have to be straight though during this entire movement. The better the shoulder mobility the lesser will be the distance between your two hands.

Shoulder dislocates helps to improve shoulder mobility which is a lacking factor in most training individuals, as very few pay attention to stretching. The shoulder joint is one of the most mobile joint of our body but with lack of care about their mobility they becomes less mobile.

Shoulder dislocates are also s=meant to be performed slowly and with precision making sure that the elbow does not bend allowing for a complete range of motion that covers even the weak areas. Dislocates should also not be painful or grinding where you do not focus on weights but more on the correct range of motion.
Shoulder dislocates will help keep injuries at bay and also improve strength and stability on the shoulders.
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