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Benefits of casein protein

Benefits of casein protein

Casein is a milk derived protein primarily found in natural food source called Indian Paneer. Casein as a milk protein is present in larger quantities in milk than its fast absorbing partner whey. Whey is one of the most consumed food or dietary supplement consumed across the world primarily for its fast absorbing properties. Casein is a slow digesting protein that gets released slowly in your body.

Here’s why supplementing or consuming casein protein via natural sources is great for your overall nutritional plan:

1. Night time protein: Casein for its slow releasing properties makes for a great night time protein. The body is in the state of growth during the time you rest. Hence providing it with the adequate amount of proteins at night makes the anabolic process a fruitful one for the body. Casein with a mix of whey can provide your body with a good mix of fast and slow absorbing proteins thereby making sure your body gets proteins even while you sleep.

2. Better metabolism: Due to the slow release property of casein your body is working continuously for a longer time as casein gets slowly released for a longer time in the body. This makes the body work longer to keep digesting the protein.

3. Teeth: A study conducted in the UK suggests casein protein to be effective in reducing enamel erosion effects. So not just the muscles but Casein can be effective in protecting your teeth as well.

4. Colon health: According to a study in Australia researchers found milk proteins to be a better protector of colon health than its counterparts Meat and Soy. All the more reason for people to include more whey and casein in their diets.

5. fat Loss: Due to the calcium rich content which promotes total fat loss. It maintains a higher metabolic rate even while you sleep, thereby promoting better fat loss. The satiety levels for casein is also higher and hence you burn fat while being stomach full.
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