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Benefits of exercise during pregnancy.

Benefits of exercise during pregnancy

Pregnancy is that time in a woman’s life when exercise is of prime importance. Exercises help with improving overall physical fitness of the body and may even help you during labor and delivery. In most cases exercising during pregnancy is absolutely healthy and will only improve the body’s physical preparedness for pregnancy if followed the right way. A common thinking of most people is that it will help with weight loss during pregnancy while that may not be the case it will surely help with the weight loss post pregnancy.

Here are some other benefits of exercising during pregnancy:

1. Less weight gain: Woman who work out are likely to gain or retain less weight during as well post pregnancy as compared to non-exercising women.

2. Gestational Diabetes: High blood sugar during pregnancy results in high chances of developing Type II diabetes after delivery or also result in a overweight baby. Most women exercise during pregnancy may be able to avoid or delay complete dependency on insulin in the coming years.

3. Constipation: Pregnant women are more likely to get constipated during pregnancy majorly owing to the high progesterone levels and a growing uterus. Exercising along with a high fiber diet can help keep the digestive system in smooth functioning.

4. Normal delivery: Exercising women are more likely to have a normal delivery where the chances of a forceps delivery are almost 70% less, and less chances of even having a episiotomy.

5. Controlled blood sugar levels: Blood sugar levels tend to go up occasionally during pregnancy. Too much of this may be signs of preeclampsia. Exercising or having an active lifestyle has been found to keep blood sugar under control.

6. Improve sleep: Women who exercised experienced better sleep during pregnancy. The quality of sleep is much better and helps in giving the body a good resting state.
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