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Know your supplements: L-Arginine

L- arginine is an amino acid used to naturally increase the levels of Nitro oxide (NO) in the blood which helps with circulation. ​Although our body has the ability to make L-Arginine, it may be important for many of us to also take a supplement. L-Arginine is extremely important for many body functions and is usually only naturally present in low quantities.



  • Reduces blood pressure by allowing easier blood circulation.
  • Arginine has been used by athletes to increase their performance.
  • Studies have found that subjects that consume diets higher in L-arginine are more likely to have greater amounts of lean body mass and an increased likelihood to burn off excess fat.
  • L-arginine can help minimize your risk of infection, can help improve detection of precancerous cells, and even help to suppress allergies and asthmatic attacks before the can occur.



There is no established daily requirement for arginine, but experts recommend a maximum safe dosage of 6 grams per day for adults who take it as a supplement. Bear in mind that if you are suffering from low blood pressure, it would be wise to avoid Arginine.


Final word:

The importance of L-arginine cannot be overstated. It is one of the most common amino acids which are found in foods we consume, with numerous benefits on health.

It is found abundantly in many meats and liver, making it easy to get in your diet. Alternatively, it can be taken as a supplement by vegetarians.

So in corporate this amazing amino acid in your daily diet and get amazed by massive improvements in your health!