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How Many Calories Do You Burn Lifting Weights?

Each one of us is different in regards to height, weight, body type, body fat percentage, genes etc. All these factors play an important role when it comes to the rate of burning calories. The rate at which one burns calories from weight training varies significantly from person to person. Also, the intensity of your training/ workout will define the calories that you burn.

Here are a few tips to help you Burn More Calories Lifting Weights:

  • High intensity exercises such as weight and strength training burn calories and fat for a longer time post-exercise than lower intensity aerobic exercises.
  • Use heavy weights so that your body is pushed to the limits in less amount of time.
  • Incorporate supersets, drop sets, death sets in your workout.

Final word:

To get it into numbers considering all the researches on this topic, an average individual burns anywhere between 200 to 400 calories in 60 min weightlifting session. Also, weightlifting raises your resting metabolic rate, which means you continue to burn calories well after completing your weight lifting session.

Please remember that calculating calories burnt during a workout is not 100% accurate. It’s always a rough estimation, so please don’t get caught up in numbers and give your best shot to the workout. One of the best ways to measure the calories burnt during a weightlifting session is by wearing a fitness tracker that monitors your heart rate. Most trackers use your heart rate, height, weight, and age to estimate your burn.