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Happiness is not a Dependency; it is a Decision! – Lalit Dharmani

I was having coffee with my friends and we happen to discuss happiness. I asked them what does happiness means? What I got to know was that they have kept their happiness dependent on their spouses and children. Some think that they will find peace and happiness when the chaos and confusion in their life finishes. However, confusion is like a mountain. The mountain will not move.

Don’t worry, be happy… sounds familiar?  What does it mean?

If you read carefully it says BE HAPPY. In spirituality, it means I am made of happiness and for that, I don’t need to DO anything. I am already happy. I have to do all my work in a state of happiness. In short, happiness is a feeling which says about your state of mind.

The true blessing of life is happiness. To be happy is as simple and necessary as breathing. Just as I don’t forget to breathe, I shouldn’t forget to be happy. Just as breath is life, happiness is the true life.

My lifespan is counted based on the number of moments I live happily.

Happiness is never then; it is always now. If I make my happiness dependent on achievement or outcomes, I will always be delaying my happiness to a future time.

It is good to have aims and goals but not to make my happiness dependent on their achievement. Happiness grows when you do something for yourself and others.

Have you ever noticed that happiness is not a dependency, it is a decision?

You don’t actually need anything to be happy.

It’s not something that comes from outside, it comes from inside and when you radiate happy energy, you’ll be amazed at what it attracts into your life.

Decide now, be happy, and watch the magic begin to enter your life.

True happiness comes when my mind and the senses have become quiet and peaceful.

In that state, there is spiritual power; whilst performing actions, am free from desires and free from attachment to my actions.

Such happiness finishes all sorrows. To wait for happiness to come to me is to place my life on hold.

Happiness is the Fruit of Wealth. But of what wealth? Often, wealth brings with it the fear of losing it. True wealth is the knowledge that enables you to live life as the expression of your inner values.

Today let me be happy NOW by detaching from expectations of future outcomes.