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5 surprising causes of hair thinning!

Hair thinning and hair loss is one of the most common health issues that generally affects the confidence and general well- being of an individual. According to the American Hair Loss Association, around two-thirds of men will begin to lose their hair by age 35.

Here is a list of 5 surprising causes that may be affecting your hair health adversely –

  1. You have started a new medication: Every individual is different and so is the reaction from medicines on our bodies. So if you have started a new supplement and are experiencing hair fall, notify your doctor immediately.
  1. Fad diets or over dieting: Ask yourself if you are starving yourself in your endeavor to lose weight. If yes, you may be deficient is the essential nutrients and vitamins needed by the body to function properly. Make sure to consult a nutritionist if you fall under this category.
  1. Lack of sleep: 7-8 hours of night’s sleep is very important to maintain good health. Lack of sleep can push your body into a state of distress, which can actually halt hair growth.
  1. Over-styling: Over-styling your hair by applying hair serums and gels may be harmful for your health. Make sure to use good quality products when it comes to hair health. See to it that the hair oil or serum you are using doesn’t contain any harmful chemical in its ingredient list.
  1. Long and draining workout sessions: If you are one of those gym freaks who spend most of their time in the gym lifting iron, please consider changing your routine. An hour of workout is optimal for muscle building and overall body health. Research has shown that spending long hours in the gym, may lead to hair loss later in life.

Final word:

Apart from the ones listed above, other commonly known causes of hair thinning and hair fall are smoking, stress, iron deficiency, etc.

Our suggestion would be that if you are experiencing hair thinning or hair loss lately, be sure to book an appointment with a doctor, who can help diagnose the cause. And once you know what’s causing your hair to fall out, you can take care of your hair to curb the loss.