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Zumba Workout – Is It Effective?

Zumba is a popular fitness program inspired by Latin dance. The word “Zumba” comes from a Colombian word that means to move fast and have fun.

In today’s time, Zumba is being considered as one of the most popular fitness and cardio exercise. The best part about Zumba is that the dance moves are simple and easy and target every muscle in your body.


  • Full body workout: Zumba dance steps involves all the muscles of your body providing a great full body workout.
  • Calorie and fat burning: Zumba is an excellent form of cardio. An average person will burn around 600 to 1,000 calories in a 1 hour Zumba class depending upon the intensity.
  • Aerobic benefits: Zumba is a fast paced, intensive workout. Exercising for prolonged periods at this rate can increase the strength of your heart.
  • Boosts mood: Zumba is the perfect workout to take if you want to get rid of all that stress you accumulate during your every day. The lively atmosphere will certain improve your mood.
  • Chance to get social: Attending a Zumba class will help you socialize, meet new people and make new friends. Getting out of the house and meeting new people is very important, both for your social life and your mental health.


Is it effective:

The staring answer is yes; Zumba is an extremely effective form of workout with tons of health benefits.

So to round it all up, Zumba is a dance party workout. Try it, you’ll absolutely get addicted (in a good way), and you will burn lots of calories, see changes to your physique if you keep up with it and it’s a great way to lift your mood.