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Why are Trap Bar Deadlifts Awesome!

A Trap Bar Deadlift is a deadlift variation and it requires use of the Trap-Bar also known as the Hex-Bar.

Trap Bar Deadlift is definitely one of the better options if not the best for an overall back development. This is especially true for people with poor flexibility or poor posture.

Why are they Awesome?

Let’s check out some advantages of trap bar deadlifts that makes it awesome and a must do for every gym goer-

  • It is a compound movement and train almost the entire body effectively.
  • It causes more quads activation in comparison to conventional deadlifts.
  • With the trap bar deadlift, your shins won’t get in the way, so it’s easier to keep your balance and maintain a good spinal position, especially for people who are new to lifting.
  • The high handles on the trap bar deadlift decrease the range of motion just enough that almost everyone can pull from the floor while maintaining good spinal position.

Final word:

One tip to keep in mind while performing Trap Bar deadlift is that Throughout lift, keep hips low, shoulders high, arms and back straight. Knees should point same direction as feet throughout movement.

We believe in comparison to conventional deadlift, trap bar deadlift is the better option overall.  It allows for more flexibility in the movement, doesn’t require a mixed grip, is easier to learn, allows for higher velocity and higher power output (all other things being equal), suits taller people and is safer for a lot of people.