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Build Big Arms with The Hammer Curl

Hammer curls are one of the most functional bicep exercises as they replicate the usual functionality of the elbow flexors group. What it means is that, the way we use our forearms and the elbow flexor muscles during daily activities is how we perform the movement for that exercise. The long-standing myth for the exercise is that it is supposedly a forearm exercise.

Why are they Effective?

The hammer curls are a great movement when you consider the involvement of brachioradialis which runs from your wrist, across the inside portion of your elbow and into your upper arm bone. The brachioradialis contributes more towards the upward move than the traditional curl where you rotate your wrist in order to complete the movement. The brachialis is also involved during this movement. This movement is considered a neutral hanging movement as it does not involve turning of the wrist as we typically do not do in regular life.

One of the major benefits of the exercise is that fact that all three big muscles get worked the biceps are more bound to look fuller and bigger in size. This coupled with a good forearm development add to the enhanced look both for the arms and forearms making it look great together. So, for anyone who is looking to have those perfectly peaked biceps make sure you incorporate the hammer curls in your workout.

Another real benefit you get from the hammer curls is the grip strength that is improved. The wrist and fingers involved in gripping the dumbbell in a neutral position add to the increase in overall grip strength.

The complete range of motion that this movement receives is another added benefit which results in better hypertrophy for the muscle group. So, in order to give the necessary variety it

is very important to incorporate Hammer Curls in the bicep workout as it will help add the depth and challenge to the bicep Muscle.

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