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What is Biological Value for Proteins?

Proteins, a word that most gym goers and bodybuilding fans often speak or hear almost a zillion times a day. It is all they can think of while building those muscles. More often these days we hear people talking about a certain value called the BV value or the Biological Value in its full form. What does this biological value mean and why is it so important when it comes to protein.

Biological value provides for a score of the body’s ability to absorb or utilize protein from the diet. The biological value system is by far one of the closest it could get to determine the actual absorption capacity of the protein.

There is also a bifurcation that divides protein rich foods in to 2 categories majorly based on the presence of essential amino acids and the absence of them. Foods which contain all essential amino acids are called as complete proteins and have a higher BV value as compared to foods with missing essential amino acids which have a lower BV value. There there are 2 types of BV value foods 1. High BV value 2. Low BV value.

The main reason why BV value makes a lot of difference is for the simple fact that if you have a low of protein with a low BV value, it will not be utilized to its fullest potential. So rather than consuming foods with low BV, it only makes sense to consume food with high BV value. Also this explain why building muscles is best accomplished with a diet that contains foods with a high BV value like eggs, paneer, meat, fish etc

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