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Importance of Vitamins and Minerals from exercise perspective.

Just like your macro-nutrients your vitamins and minerals which form part of the micronutrient foods are also very important. The only reason they are called micro is that they are required by the body in less than 10g while the macro requirement is quite higher. This by no means lessens their importance to be included in the diet as they carry out some very important functions. Related to exercise Vitamins and mineral have some major roles to play which have prominence over their other benefits.

1. Antioxidants: the Antioxidant effect is the anti or working against the free radical attack that is the cause of the major chronic issues that the body faces. Free radical and antioxidants to tackle them are both produced by the body. But when the free radicals outnumber the antioxidants is when supplementing becomes essential.

2. Bone health: Another important function when it comes to exercise. While exercising you utilize various joints in the body at varying intensities. Supplementing with the right amount of calcium, vitamin D, vitamin K is essential from the perspective of maintaining their optimum health. The absorption of calcium depends upon the presence of vitamin k2 and vitamin D as well hence most calcium tablets have the presence of k2 and D.

3. Heart health: Essential vitamins are also required to main a good heart health. A good fit heart is a good sign and helps you perform a lot of activities with ease.

4. Energy provision: The body makes energy from ATP which is done in the presence of B-complex vitamins. They do the work of breaking down glucose into ATP that release energy. B-complex vitamins on their own do not contain energy but they do the work of releasing energy especially while we workout.

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