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Understanding Gut Bacteria

We all know that our digestion happens via various processes in the stomach which involves the small intestine, the liver, bile as fluid to help digestion etc. But there is the presence of bacteria which includes both good and bad bacteria that also affects the absorption of food in our body. The bacteria resides in the stomach and is known as Gut bacteria. A healthy balance of the gut bacteria is very essential for keeping various illnesses at bay. Gut bacteria live in the digestive tract of humans and other animals.

Researches are now constantly being done to study how gut bacteria balance helps improve a lot of conditions that include diabetes, immunity support, better mental health etc. It has even been researched that the gut bacteria helps to live a longer life as it improves the overall health of an individual and keeps the infections at bay.
Gut bacteria have also known to improve hormonal levels in the body. In case of women estrogen hormone is maintained by a steady balance of the gut bacteria. When the gut flors is out of balance estrogen is washed away from the body thus reducing the levels in the body.

Eating the right kind of foods is also very important to restore gut bacteria. eating more fermented foods, probiotic supplements which can be taken as per the absence of type of bacteria in the gut. Eating certain prebiotic foods like curd which will also help restore the gut bacteria. Probiotic supplements are a huge hit today as our hectic lifestyles, improper eating habits and other such things has affected our balance of gut bacteria which eventually results into chronic sickness going further.

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